‘PMP’s BFF’ iPad/iPhone PIM

PMP’s BFF is a companion app to the existing PMP’s Best Friend PIM on the macOS Apple store.  While the Mac version of this PIM does most of the heaving lifting of backups, saves, restore, mass updates and those kinds of tasks, the iPhone/iPad version of this app is tuned for quick lookup and entry.

Follow the link here to view the website for that part of the app pair and see how it can work for you.

The iPhone/iPad version of this app is tuned to do the following:

#    allows for quick lookup and searches of open tasks

#    stays automatically synced with the Mac database via Apple iCloud

#    quick touch/Siri enabled task entry that automatically goes into an inbox for later review and classification

#    supports fast task updates with minimal effort

This app does require the Mac component to be in use to get the full features of the app suite but it can function stand alone in a limited way with fewer options and capabilities.

There are (a number) of breakdown areas which are reviewed in different website pages and can be accessed from the menu at the top of the screen.  The iPad and iPhone apps are the same app though because of the different form factor, the screens might appear somewhat different.

This app is available on the iPhone/iPad Apple Store here.